Retrofit LED Lights in Your Euro Car Flicker, what happen?

  • January 11,2019.

Have you ever noticed that when you turn on your car, your LED lights strobe or different strobe pattern after installing them? For those who have seen the couple of seconds of strobing, you’re not the only one. We here at DLED do get a couple of feedback from customers who claim it’s a flickering effect. However since it only lasts a moment, it's more of a strobing effect rather than a flickering or flashing effect. The strobing is actually a common occurrance among newly installed LED light bulbs and is nothing to worry about.

This strobing effect is not a defect, but is in fact a regular process in European cars involving their onboard computers (mean OBC). If you watched the short video above of a truck starting up and its lights strobes different pattern as ring, In these few seconds of strobing, the onboard computer sends out electrical impulses to all car lights to make sure that they are functioning properly and are not burnt out. If a light bulb is burnt out, the electrical impulse will not go through and the OBC will tell you which bulb is out.

The reason why your LED bulb strobes diferent is because they are very sensitive to power, while incandescent bulbs are not. A small amount of energy is enough to light up an LED bulb so when you start up your car, the electrical impulses being sent is just enough to power the LED bulbs, resulting in the strobing effect.

So rest assured, the few seconds of strobing from your European car is a completely normal phenomenon. It is simply how your car interacts with the LED bulbs. Your error free CANBus LED light bulbs are functioning as intended.

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