Avoid Headlight Burnout

  • November 18,2018.

Headlights are an essential component for safe driving. Without them driving at night is more than impractical, it's downright stupidity and above all illegal. As such it's important that you avoid letting your headlights burn out, if you don't know how to figure out when and how your headlights will burnout, well then here's a couple of important tips to help you avoid headlight burnouts:

The Lifespan of the Headlights

One of the reasons that car's headlights burnout is it's just they're time to go. Many car led headlight bulbs have tungsten filaments inside them, and as electricity passes through the filaments, they begin to heat up causes the headlights to breakdown. As a result, such filaments don't last forever, even under ideal conditions and at some point the filaments simply burnout. Of course, there are times when the conditions are not at all ideal, which can cause the headlights to burnout faster, but on average a light bulb should last you about 5 to 6 years before they let go. So always keep an eye out on the life span of your headlight.


The tungsten filament inside the car's headlights isn't an extremely durable piece of metal and it will get less durable as the temperature increases (which include the longer your lights are on). If you drive over rough roads and hit potholes or even bump into things, then you should know that the lifespan of your car's headlights will be quite short. Even something as simple as closing your hood can cause your headlights to wink out sometimes. Just a slight rattle can cause your headlights to burnout because the tungsten broke. So in short, avoid over shaking your car.


Temperature can have massive amounts of effect on the brittleness of the tungsten filaments in your car's headlights. The colder the temperature is outside, the more brittle and fragile the tungsten filament becomes. And if it's cold when you turn on your headlights, the tungsten filaments will actually become weaker. Such extremes conditions are enough for your headlight to burnout, but sometimes you might need some shaking in addition to the cold to really put out the lights. So to avoid headlight burnout due to temperature, make sure you clean them regularly.

Skin Oils

Most people don't really realize this, but by touching the glass portion of a replacement headlight bulb actually leaves oil on the glass that will cause it to burnout prematurely. The oil on the glass becomes super hot, which can cause the glass to break. Make sure you always install replacement bulbs with a clean glove or paper towels.

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