About PY24W LED Bulbs For BMW Turn Signal Lights

  • October 13,2018.

Now that PY24W LED bulbs for the newer BMW cars have been released, the days when BMW owners had to tolerate the "fried egg" look in their cars are gone. If you have yet to purchase a pair to replace your old front-turn signal lights, you might want to read the rest of the article to know the following: (1) product features, (2) why these bulbs are better than the usual halogen lighting, and (3) how to get the best deal when shopping online.

Basic Things You Should Know about PY24W LED Bulbs

As aforementioned, the recently released PY24W bulbs are only for newer BMW models. Specifically, these are custom-designed for the following car models: E70 X5, E71 X6, E90, E92, M3, 328i and 335i.

These led turn signal lights are thrice as bright as the usual filament lighting, and can be fixed directly into any of the said cars. The bulbs have two outstanding features. First, they are "error-free", which means installation will not cause errors in the dashboard and will not lead to what is called the "hyper flash problem". Second, they have plug-and-play capability - which means the bulb can be installed easily and then used in just a short period of time, without the need for rigorous connections and lengthy manuals.

The one aesthetic advantage BMW owners like about PY24W LED bulbs, though, is that replacing the usual front-turn signal lights with them will give their cars a nice front-end look and a clean silhouette. It is worth noting, too, that these bulbs are sold in two colors: xenon white and amber yellow.

Why LED Bulbs are Better than Halogen Lighting?

The fact that LED lighting is the better option compared to Halogen lamps is old news. However, a lot of people still prefer halogen lighting for one reason: it is cheaper. Despite this, it is interesting to note that more than vanity, replacing your old signal lights with PY24W LED bulbs is something that you should do if you want to save money in the long run. This is because of two things:

1.LED bulbs boast of using 75% less energy than halogen lighting.

2.LED lights last longer than halogens, especially if they are used indoors.

How to Find the Best Deal on PY24W Bulbs Online

With the advent of the Internet, doing business has become easier. It is no longer surprising, then, that most transactions are now done online. If you are like most people, you're probably considering purchasing PY24W bulbs in online stores. If this is the case, you need to take note of the following:

Legitimacy of the Online Company - Look for contact details, and if possible, verify if the information is correct. This way you know that the store really exists and can give you what you want.

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